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And Saw That I Wanted More –Josh Balz

"Do one where you & Josh are hanging out at his house & you get really cold & squish up against him, pushing your boobies against his arm. Then he gets really horny & smut. ROUGH DETAILED LONG SMUT!"

Title Credit: Underdog by Motionless In White

Smut Warning

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You’re Lost But Never Found –Josh Balz

Title Credit: Cynical Skin by Get Scared

Trigger Warning

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Happy birthday Balz

I Want To Hurt You, I Don’t Deserve You –Josh Balz

Can you do one where josh is your boyfriend and you get itto a huge fight but secretly it’s turning josh on,in the end you have really hot sex”

Title Credit: Synthetic Love by Motionless In White

NSFW *Smut Warning*

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I Sew My Eyes Shut Just To Sleep –Josh Balz

Could you pleeeease do a fic where you wake up at 2 am and you start having a panic attack because your friend is considering joining the National Guard and Josh wakes up and comforts you and cuddles you and cute stuff please? Thank you!!”

Title Credit: Black Damask [The Fog] by Motionless In White

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Alright so I know I’ve been pretty slack with updating lately. I’ve been losing the motivation to write and I haven’t really been getting much sleep which sucks. However next week/later on this week I will try to do some more writing. But on the 30th of August I’ll be going to a Being As An Ocean concert and then on the 1st of September I’ll be going to an All Time Low concert so that’s two days that I will definitely be unable to write. Sorry about all of this, I’m really just trying to get everything in my life sorted before I put more pressure on myself to write.

Anonymous asked: Will you make your fan fics longer ?

Maybe in the future, I’m slowly losing the motivation to write